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[02 Jul 2008|04:02pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Ken Holland was just on FAN 590 saying that HOSSA'S AGENT, Rich Winter (former agent of Dom Hasek), actually approached the Wings. The Wings offered a LT contract at way a lesser price than others he had received but Marian wanted to become a Wing. He asked if the Wings would consider a one-year and obviously this is how we landed Hossa. Interesting to note is that Holland said (and I had it confirmed by the wonderful Bruce MacLeod of the Macomb Daily who always has some inside information) he will be talking to Hossa and his agent about a long-term contract after both Franzen and Zetterberg are signed to their well-deserved extensions. The key will be getting all three to buy into the team's philosophy, and we know Mule and Z will do such as this is all they've known (and Z told Expressen.se last summer that he would sign for his career)... and if Hossa actually WANTED to be a Wing and was willing to take a one-year to feel it out? I can totally see it happening. Then again, I tend to be an optimist when it comes to promised signings so... hm.

EDIT: Go check out Snapshots for a rough transcript of the interview, as well as Bruce MacLeod's blog entry on the Hossa deal.


WCGG [12 Jun 2008|02:20am]
Pimping my blogspot journal, full of Western Conference rantings, pictures, funnies, and more - designed for the gals! Check it!


Buckle your seatbelts [17 May 2008|03:52pm]
Hey, whoever may read this, just letting you know the cynic in me is starting to show. So... this is a potentially maddening topic.

There's a bit of a pattern showing in series'. Know the last team to come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the series? The Islanders beat the Leafs in '75. 33 years ago. Before that? The Leafs beat us Wings in '42. Another 33 years. History says someone - either Philly or Dallas, or in the next round us or Pittsburgh - will pull off the ultimate upset.

We cannot dink around here. Pedal to the metal. Do whatever you do to keep us lucky, my cynic says we need it.

[17 May 2008|03:30pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

This whole being down 2-1 in a Game 5 when we should've won Game 4 thing? It blows. I changed up my juju. I NEVER CHANGE MY JUJU!

Took of the jersey, took off the "lucky bra" (yes, I have one), put on socks, put on the shirt I ONLY wear at night and this definitely isn't night, and straightened my hair but did not put it up.

Unfortunately, I think what screwed me over can't be corrected. I shaved this morning. I NEVER shave the day of a game. Oh, crap.

I'm on the stress train. I'm strapped in for the long haul. No jumping off today.


[15 May 2008|03:37pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

A cut for language because I'm lividCollapse )

That feels infinitely better.


[27 Apr 2008|10:38am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So. Wings are up 2-0 on the Avs. We completely destroyed them this past game 5-1; honestly, I think we let up after goal 4, and goal 5 was just an amazing opportunity we just had to take it. I haven't seen Sakic at ALL. Seriously! If I didn't know better, he hasn't been PLAYING. That's how great of a job they've done minimizing his effectiveness. The Avs that stand out in my mind, but not necessarily for good reason, are: Theodore, Budaj, Laperriere, McLeod, and McCormick. Just by the names you should be able to guess why. Oh, and Foote, but only because Filppula gave him one hell of a hit from behind that was partially a stupid move on both parts, and should've been penalized, but wasn't and it made me smirk a bit.

Anyway. Based on offseason, some rumors swirling, and my own personal preference, here's what I'd like to see happen this offseason.
-Sign Stuart to a long-term deal. It's going to be more tempting to stay put, and we've already shown him how family-oriented we are (with his young family that would be a huge plus for him), not to mention we play a style he fits in seamlessly.
-Let Lilja walk. Before Stuart, it was like we had #1, 2, 3 defensemen, and then a multitude of #5/6 players. Lilja is great at blocking shots, but I've seen some of our call-ups pick it up too (Abdelkader, a forward, actually did one hell of a job). Lilja is also VERY penalty prone. Stupid ones, at that.
-Buyout Lebda's and Samuelsson's contracts. Each has one more year if I remember correctly, and we have young players who could easily step in and fill their shoes right now. Sammy has shown a bit more prowess in the playoffs, but he can't find the back of the net to save his life! Plus, I'm worried about that uncontrolled slapper of his - it's the reason Cleary was eating out of a straw for weeks. Put him under pressure on the point and it's sure to cause another mishap. Lebda is certainly more solid than Lilja, and he's got a hell of a lot of speed, but KQ is out of options after this year and Ericsson is definitely read for the big time which is going to be keeping someone on the bench.
-Sign Filppula to a fairly long-term (3-5?) contract extension worth some big bucks in a year or two. The kid has SO much upside to him, and he drew a ton of attention at the trade deadline, so we have to act QUICK before his RFA offer sheet goes sky high.
-Do NOT resign Hasek. Osgood has beyond proven that he can take the reins of the team. This means we call up Howard permanently and we slowly work him into the rotation. We have Osgood another three years so here's the best option as far as I see: first year - Osgood 2/3 or 3/4 of the games, Howard the remainder; second year - split 60/40 or an even 50/50 depending on how Howard adapted the season before, think similar to this year's tandem; year three - basically give Howard the reins, much like his first year but the inverse.
-DO resign the UFAs Chelios, McCarty, and Downey. Both Mac and Cheli bring great leadership - Pierre McGuire (ass) said, between the benches last night, that Mac was like another coach while sitting. Chelios is a saint with the young D-men. Mac still can provide some offensive bang at unexpected moments and rile up the troops with some fists. Downey is just plain energy! No, he doesn't play every night, but the man is funny, has to provide some energy both on and off ice, and he's just a genuine good guy! After Anaheim's Cup win last year, EVERYONE has picked up that muscle guys are needed. Just having Mac might not fly.

I might edit this a bit later, but a friend wants to video chat so I need my attention there.


[20 Apr 2008|08:14am]
[ mood | angry ]

I've been ignoring this. Why? I've been getting used to my new MacBook Pro! And I don't have Adobe Photoshop for Mac yet :(

So my purple plushy "Rally Al" octopus has been roped into duty. Every game, every goal, and every win, he's gonna get swung. HE'S GONNA GET SWUNG AND HE'S GONNA LIKE IT! Because Buttman and Crapbell are just assholes, as are whatever General Morons (Managers) complained.

If you're going to take away something that riles up our crowd, you have to take action elsewhere as well. My first suggestion? BAN THAT DAMNED TRAIN WHISTLE AT THE SOMMET CENTER WHENEVER TOOTOO IS ON ICE. Oh my god that thing is CONSTANT! Octopi twirling is only after goals and the like, much like the sirens. WHISTLES GO THE ENTIRE SHIFT. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Errrgh. Well I'm off. Maybe I'll start being more frequent in my updates, like I intended to be when I opened this account.

Game 6 tonight! Up 3-2 on Nashville. Come on boys, we can do this! :D


51 Wings Icons [14 Mar 2008|04:43pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

51 IconsCollapse )

5 Chris Chelios, 2 Jiri Fischer, 7 Pavel Datsyuk, 1 Kris Draper, 5 Jonathon Ericsson, 1 Johan Franzen, 1 Tomas Holmstrom, 1 Jiri Hudler, 1 Niklas Kronwall, 1 Brett Lebda, 3 Nicklas Lidstrom, 1 Andreas Lilja, 1 Kirk Maltby, 9 Darren McCarty, 1 Mikael Samuelsson, 1 Brad Stuart, 1 Steve Yzerman, 2 Henrik Zetterberg
1 Kirk Maltby/Pavel Datsyuk, 1 Kris Draper/Dan Cleary, 1 Mikael Samuelsson/Brad Stuart, 1 Nicklas Lidstrom/Tomas Holmstrom, 1 Johan Franzen/Niklas Kronwall, 1 Andreas Lilja/Henrik Zetterberg/Mikael Samuelsson, 1 RUSSIAN FIVE

17 Fans | Fan?

[29 Feb 2008|10:46am]
[ mood | busy ]

Icons: 24 Red Wings, 2 Other TeamsCollapse )

• 1 Babcock + Granado, 2 Chelios, 2 Datsyuk, 1 Datsyuk + Rafalski, 2 Downey, 1 Downey + Laperriere, 3 Draper, 2 Ericsson, 3 Filppula, 2 Hasek, 1 Holmstrom, 1 Hudler, 1 Kronwall, 1 Lidstrom, 1 Lilja + Leafs Kid (Hilarious!), 2 Zetterberg, 2 Zetterberg & Emma
• 1 Evgeni Malkin, 1 Alexander Ovechkin

If there are icons with text you are interested in without the text, let me know and I can do that for you. Alternatively, if you would like an icon as seen above to be made with text, I will try my best to make it for you.

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[25 Feb 2008|05:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Been a few days... let's play catch-up. Oh wait! There hasn't been anything happening so catch-up isn't necessary.

Today, the Wings sealed the deal with McCarty - Mac accepted a one year, league-minimum $475,000 contract, heavy with bonuses. He will stay in Grand Rapids on a two week conditioning stint and then join the team to fight for a roster spot. He has his Winged Wheel back, but he has to earn the playtime in it. Go Mac!

Babcock has stated, contrary to rumours of Filppula being trade bait for Marian Hossa, he will not be going anywhere. Good, because my allegiance probably would've followed him!

Niklas Kronwall, supposed to play on Tuesday, will not make the appearance. No word on why the change (my guess is Babcock wants to see more of our call-ups; "another day won't hurt" scenario). Brian Rafalski is skating, feels good. No word on when he will be back, but progress is progress. Dominik Hasek has been skating with the team and is feeling much better. The team is discussing sending Jimmy Howard back to Grand Rapids today and having Dom back up Osgood on Tuesday. Also, Nick Lidstrom should begin skating this week. His ETA for games is approximately 10-14 days from today. Chelios has not begun skating again.

On the only slightly Red Wings related front, the Colorado Avalanche signed Peter Forsberg, today, for a contract through the end of the season. Is it just me, or is this extremely ironic given who we signed today? Is everyone trying to revert back to the '90s? Because rumors are still circulating that the Wings are going after Fedorov/Lapointe as well! It's not the 90's! Mac has made a brilliant comeback, has worked his tail off for it. Fedorov has done what? Lapointe has done what? Exactly. Not saying they couldn't do something, but they haven't done anything to pique my interest either. Not worth it.

My biggest question is where Hossa is going...
Bet we know tomorrow after 3... Waddell will wait till the last possible minute getting what he can for him.


[20 Feb 2008|08:07pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Nicklas Lidstrom's MRI on his knee was today. Results should be out tomorrow. He is projected to be out for 2-3 weeks, which translates to 4-6 games with their schedule. Brian Rafalski has been placed on IR retroactive to his injury to clear roster space for Jonathan Ericsson, called up today in Lidstrom's absense.

The Wings placed Matt Ellis on waivers today. Teams have until Thursday at noon to claim him or he will likely be sent to Grand Rapids on a conditioning stint.

Rumor (or should I say, truth in only a matter of time) is that the Wings will offer a contract to Darren McCarty within a matter of days. He's been proving his devotion to the game in Grand Rapids on a PTO - in six games he has 4 goals (he tallied his second pro hat trick in his home debut with the Griffins), 3 assists, and is +3 with 9 PIM. The plan right now is to bring him up closer to the playoffs - he still needs a significant amount of conditioning and is doing find in GR right now. He's finding his legs and shot, his sense is present, and the speed will come with weight loss and muscle building.

On our increasingly long injury list, it looks like Kronwall will be the first back, either Friday or Saturday. Rafalski's groin is still bothering him though he has practiced, Hasek has not practiced, Cleary still has his jaw wired, and we just lost Nick. At least Friday we should get to see what this season's breakout prospect has to offer when Jonathan Ericsson will take the ice unless Kronwall is healthy (my bet is the staff tells him to rest an extra day and get in on Saturday, so for all intensive purposes, plan on seeing the kid versus the Flames).

In other NHL news...
The Flames received defenseman Jim Vandermeer from the Flyers for a 2009 3rd round draft pick. This is the second defensive trade for a 3rd rounder in two days. It's almost too little... what blockbuster is waiting around the corner??


Introduction [19 Feb 2008|12:00am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Oh, an introduction post is so necessary to understand me ;)

Detroit Red Wings hockey is my life. It has been for as long as I have conscious memories (circa early/mid-90's). I remember begging my parents to let me watch games (though I typically got the boot after the second period), begging for them to tape the games, or however else I could get my fix.

I was completely swallowed by the fever after two very idyllic moments that any true fan knows well - the Lemieux hit on Draper, and the retalliation the following season complete with goalie fights and a turtle. Oh, how fond the recollection...

My days consist of reading every article I can find on the Wings, then on the Griffins, and somewhere in there I'll probably check numbers (TOI, PIM, etc). Injuries, trades, who's on a downfall and who's truckin' on up the standings comes next. And of course, some video viewing (thank you WingsTV!). I also spend a lot of time speculating about the next game's lines as based on recent performances... but don't we all?

I also visit a few message boards and blogs more-than-daily. I'm movesfan13 on the Red Wings Central message boards, I'm wing13 when commenting on one of the MLive blogs (typically Snapshots), and there are countless other 'haunts' which I don't have a username for but still follow faithfully.

I watch every game. No questions asked. If plans come up, I tape it. If there isn't a game one night, I listen to the Griffins or watch box scores on other teams. Games on Versus or NBC? I'll watch those. I basically spend my time following hockey - my team or theirs - and overanalyze everything.

My family and friends are either quite annoyed with my obsession, or they go with it, but most find me outrageous and too obsessive. That's why the journal. Here, I get to flip out, scream, rant, cheer, jeer, whatever I so choose. And they don't have to listen to me! But you, my friend, apparently want to.

So, add me if you wish! I won't turn away a Red Wings fan unless you're an ass to me, so cheers!

OH! And I'm attempting to teach myself some Russian as I love Datsyuk and he sparked the interest in it. Some might trickle in here, so, just a warning ;)


p.s. Yes, I'm eighteen. Yes, I know more hockey than most men I know. Yet another thing you have to deal with if you add me because I never get to talk it with anyone in person!


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